​​​​​​​Instructional videos for stream monitoring

In September 2018, NIWA and Greater Wellington Regional Council staff braved some wild spring weather to shoot a series of instructional videos. The videos demonstrate correct procedures for carrying out the measurements for each component of the SHMAK, including health and safety around rivers and streams, collecting water samples, measuring water quality, testing for E. colilevels, quantifying periphyton cover, collecting macroinvertebrate samples, and assessing stream habitat quality. This work was funded by an Envirolink Large Advice Grant (1911-NLCC103) to NIWA  sponsored by Nelson City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, Auckland Council and Northland Regional Council. The videos are expected to be available on the NZWaterCitizens website by March 2019. 

Greater Wellington Regional Council communication team getting their feet wet while filming SHMAK instructional videos in the Kaiwharawhara stream in October, 2018 [Photo credit – Amanda Valois]