National website and database for citizen science freshwater monitoring

A website and database for freshwater monitoring data were identified early by the advisory group as essential for enthusing citizen scientists and promoting data use by other agencies. The first version of the NZWaterCitizens website, expected to be available by early 2019, will have functions to upload, view and interpret data, download training materials, and manage a monitoring group. The website will continue to be expanded and improved as funds become available. Ultimately it will include more sophisticated data analysis tools and facilities to foster an on-line ‘community’ of citizen scientists in NZ. This will be useful for facilitating collaborations among groups and in obtaining a more accurate picture of the efforts of citizens engaged in water monitoring in NZ. The website is a collaborative project between NIWA, Greater Wellington Regional Council, Wellington City Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Groundtruth Ltd.

Community group members and representatives from Mountains to the Sea Wellington worked with Peter Handford from Groundtruth to have a play with the new app for uploading citizen science data [Photo credit: Richard Storey]